Glossary of Terms

Brachot - Blessings
The mohel will recite the blessing on the act of circumcision, but there are additional blessings recited after the brit along with the naming ceremony. These blessings may be recited by the mohel or by another officiating Rabbi.

Brit milah/ Bris milah / britot (plural) - Circumcision
A brit milah technically consists of three parts: milah, the cutting of the foreskin, pri'ah, peeling back of the skin, and metzitzah, drawing off the blood and cleansing the wound.

Kisei shel Eliyahu
A seat which is set aside and designated for Elijah the prophet, who tradition says is present during the circumcision of every newborn.

Kvater (for males)/ Kvaterin (females)
A person or couple honored with carrying the baby into the room where the brit is done.

Kri'at shem
The giving of a Hebrew name to the child immediately after the circumcision.

Mi she'beirach
A prayer for recovery from illness. We pray for the baby's speedy recovery from the brit milah operation.

The person who performs the circumcision.

The one who holds the baby during the circumcision; this is a special honor usually given to someone close to the family.

Sandek Me'umad
The "Standing Sandek" is responsible for holding the baby during the naming ceremony.

Seudat Mitzvah
A festive meal eaten after the brit is completed. When grace after meals is recited there are special prayers inserted to mark the occasion of the brit.